Our Team

Meet Bradley

Head Instructor, group owner

"I began training January of 2012, at this time I was 20 years old with no sense of direction for my life. I pushed myself to pursue a skill and dedicate my time & energy. Quickly I found myself overtaken by the infinite grind that was Jiu Jitsu & the rapid rate of growth that could occur. My brain attached to the discipline & the skill set I was obtaining.

Throughout my years of training I have dedicated myself to 3-4 days + weekly sometimes going multiple times a day or even training every single day of the week. I've made friends that will last a lifetime & expanded my circle further than what I thought possible. I found that while I joined initially for the self defense training the reasons I continued to return were so much more than that. Jiu Jitsu has inspired me to believe in myself... I've learned that dedication & persistence are the keys to obtain any goal."

What Others say about brad..

"Bradly Murphy is an awesome Jiu jitsu practitioner and an amazing coach! He takes his time which each individual to help them grow in their practice while keeping them safe!"
"Brad is awesome and very knowledgeable. Great guy with a great attitude. Would recommend him to anyone."